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Home Cinema installation in Brentwood



Home Cinema Install in Brentwood

The client saw some of our recent social media posts and checked out our website. They contacted us about converting their existing double garage into a home cinema. 

We attended the site and went through many possibilities. After a visit to the showroom and a couple of design meetings, the brief was clear and a 3D design was put together.


The room was for a growing family with a passion for great movies. The room had to be classy but fun, a room for not only movies but entertaining as well. 



The Cinema design was based on a 7 4 2 Dolby atmos speaker package. The Dragonfly 133” 16:9 Screen partnered with the Sony VPL-290 4K projector delivered an amazing image for under 5K.

The front three MK 950 Loudspeakers were placed behind the screen, along with two V10+ MK subwoofers. The MK M50 on-wall speakers were placed midway between the seating rows with another pair on the rear wall for the surround audio  The MK IC95 Atmos height speakers were concealed behind the acoustic ceiling panels and worked well with the coffer ceiling lighting.

A combination of blue velvet and acoustic fabric made up the walls with walnut diffuser and absorption panels to the front of the room not only for acoustic benefits but to also add depth and texture.


The client from the outset wanted a Bar that could provide another element to the space for a more social experience when watching the big games and fight nights. 

Home Cinema Design in Essex
Home Cinema 3D render with Bar
Home Cinema with Seats and Bar

Technical Specifications:

Lyngdorf MP40 Cinema Processor


M&K Sound® MP950 X 3 (F/C/R)

M&K Sound® M50 X 4 (Surrounds)

M&K Sound® V10+ X2 (Subwoofers)

M&K Sound® IC95 x 4 (Height channels)

Sony VPL290 4k Projector

Sony Blu Ray Player

Dragonfly 133” Diagonal 16:9 4K Screen

Control 4, EA-1 Processor

9 x Frontrow Cinema Seats

Bespoke Walnut & Granite Bar and full cinema fit-out

Acoustic treatment and Fabric Walling

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