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Lighting Design Essex

Intelligent lighting design and control solutions, always show your home in the best possible light. One-touch commands to set lighting scenes and adjust blinds and curtains. Automatic light and shade throughout the day, intelligent systems that adjust throughout the year to accommodate the changing of the seasons.

Integrative solutions to provide the perfect ambience for any occasion. Press play to watch a movie, the lights go down and the blinds close automatically. Your favourite radio station sounds at 7 am as the lights fade up slowly and the blinds rise.

Imagine a smart home where you can turn all the lights on or off with a single button press from a bedside keypad, smartphone or in-wall touch panel.  Welcome home scenes that are triggered as you drive up the driveway or open the garage door. Holiday modes intelligently reproduce the lighting activity of the previous fortnight.

With the recent introduction of low-energy lamp types and associated regulations, The Cinema Company are best placed to install, advise and support the design of your home’s lighting control system. Working closely with lighting designers, electricians and M&E consultants to deliver award-wining projects.

Keypads to suit your home decor.

We can supply a huge range of different finishes and styles with engraved buttons for a more personal experience.

Lighting Design Essex

Outdoor Lighting

Transform your home with our outdoor lighting solutions for automated season control and colour changing options.


We integrate blinds with lighting control to provide a complete solution for controlling all the natural and artificia light in the environment.  

The blinds can be programmed to stop at specified positions and offer raise / lower adjustments. Motorised blinds and curtain tracks can be easily recessed within a formed pocket to conceal rollers, tracks and motors.


Control of these window treatments can be fully automated to adjust with the time of day, year and angle of the sun, or controlled from the touch of a button from a smart phone, touchscreen or lighting keypad. Combined with the lighting system the mood of the room can be changed quickly and easily.

Contact us to book a free site survey for your estimate.

Electric Blinds Essex
Blinds Installation Essex

Automated Blinds for any application

We can supply a huge range of different styles and fabrics to work in harmony with your smart home.

Blinds Installers in Essex

Battery Operated  Blinds

If your home is already decorated our battery blinds offer the same level of functionality and quality as wired options and the batteries can last up to three years. 

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