Lighting & Blinds

Lighting Your Home


Light levels around your home or business are an essential part of keeping you healthy, safe, and comfortable. Our smart home lighting and shade options allow you to take control of both natural and artificial light, and can be integrated into your daily routine and individual requirements.

Intelligent lighting design and control systems can give you the perfect ambience at a touch of a button. Whether you choose to press a keypad, use a touchscreen or smartphone, or have your system fully automated, your home’s light levels can be controlled seamlessly and easily. Lights can be dimmed automatically as the television comes on, or blinds lowered if the room gets too warm.

Using the Control4 app gives you control of your lights when you’re away from home, or holiday modes can be set to mimic your daily routines whilst you relax. Daily schedules can be created to personalise your home, so you can wake to your favourite radio station as the blinds open and the lights gently fade up.

Recent developments in LED lighting technology allow for tunable white lights to replicate the daily light cycle of the sun. Control4’s daylight agent gives you the ability to bring the sunshine inside, with the option to have sunrise and sunset at whatever time works for you! This can improve circadian health, as well as productivity and wellbeing, whatever the weather outside is doing.

The Cinema Company works with lighting designers, interior designers, M&E consultants, and electricians to deliver custom lighting solutions for homes and businesses across the South East. Get in touch to learn more about what we can offer to suit your needs.

Keypads to Suit your Home Decor

We can supply a huge range of different finishes and styles with engraved buttons for a more personal experience.

Outdoor Lighting

Your smart home need not stop at your door. Our range of outdoor lighting can transform and accentuate your garden’s features, as well as providing security and guidance in low light environments. As with our interior lighting, everything can be controlled using your smart home system, or automated to suit your routines.

Automated BLinds

We integrate blinds with lighting control to provide a complete solution for controlling all the natural and artificial light in the environment.

The blinds can be programmed to stop at specified positions and offer raise / lower adjustments. Motorised blinds and curtain tracks can be easily recessed within a formed pocket to conceal rollers, tracks and motors.

Control of these window treatments can be fully automated to adjust with the time of day, year and angle of the sun, or controlled from the touch of a button from a smart phone, touchscreen or lighting keypad. Combined with the lighting system the mood of the room can be changed quickly and easily.

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Automated Blind for any Application

We can supply a huge range of different styles and fabrics to work in harmony with your smart home.

Battery Operated Blinds

If your home is already decorated our battery blinds offer the same level of functionality and quality as wired options and the batteries can last up to three years.