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As a business owner or facility manager, you have enough to worry about without letting the technology of business operations distract you. Control4 can give you a competitive advantage by improving operating efficiencies. Set your lighting, music, temperature and video to greet your customers with the perfect welcome. With one-button your security system dis-arms, lights go on, temperature adjusts and all the music and TVs automatically turn on. Keep an eye on things from anywhere. Whether equipment or lights are left on, or unusual activity is detected, you’ll always be in the know.

Our integrative solutions can provide the perfect ambience for any occasion in any commercial environment. Contact us today to discuss what we can offer your business.

Smart M.D.U’s


At The Cinema Company, we recognise the evolving landscape of residential living and the growing demand for integrated technology solutions within multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Our aim is to redefine the living experience by seamlessly incorporating cutting-edge technology into MDUs, enhancing convenience, connectivity, and entertainment for residents.

Our approach to technology integration in MDUs is thorough and tailored to meet the unique needs of modern living spaces. Amongst the services we offer are:

Smart Home Solutions: We provide smart home systems that allow residents to control various aspects of their living environment, such as lighting, temperature, security, and entertainment, all from a single interface. Through voice commands or smartphone apps, residents can personalise their living spaces for comfort and convenience.

Streaming Services Integration: Our technology solutions seamlessly integrate popular streaming services, enabling residents to access their favourite movies, TV shows, music, and games with ease. Whether it’s Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, or Amazon Prime, residents can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment experiences in the comfort of their own homes.

Security and Surveillance Systems: Safety is paramount in MDUs, which is why we offer advanced security and surveillance systems to protect residents and their belongings. From smart locks and video doorbells to CCTV cameras and motion sensors, we provide comprehensive security solutions for peace of mind.

Integrated Home Theatres: We specialise in designing and installing state-of-the-art home theatre systems that deliver immersive cinematic experiences right in residents’ living rooms. From high-definition projectors to surround sound systems, we transform ordinary spaces into private screening rooms.

Communal Cinema Rooms: A residents-only cinema can bring together M.D.U communities in the luxury of their own bespoke luxury theatre. Take a look at our Portfolio to see what we created for the residents of Goodman’s Fields in London.


HOTELS, Restaurants & Bars


We understand the pivotal role that technology plays in modern hospitality, and our mission is to elevate entertainment, convenience, and efficiency in hotels, dining and drinking establishments. We blend technology seamlessly, enhancing the overall experience for patrons and owners alike. Our holistic approach to commercial design can bring together lighting, HVAC, audio, video, and security, giving your customers the ambience they desire, and you the peace of mind and ease of use you require.

At The Cinema Company, we’re passionate about redefining the hospitality experience through technology. Whether you’re a hotel or bar owner, restaurateur, or hospitality professional, we’re here to partner with you in creating innovative solutions that elevate your business to new heights.

From digital menus to video walls, multi-zone audio systems to CCTV, we can create a system that fits your needs. Join us in embracing the future of client entertainment.

Care Homes


We understand the importance of creating engaging and stimulating experiences for elderly residents, and our mission is to uplift spirits, foster connections, and promote well-being through innovative entertainment solutions.

We recognise the varied and numerous needs of care home residents and the staff that look after them. With our range of smart technologies, we can work with you to help achieve an environment that provides audio visual entertainment, security, lighting, and convenience to both carers and those in care.