Goodman’s Cinema

Project Overview

Berkeley Homes’ prestigious development in Aldgate, London demanded the expertise of The Cinema Company to design and commission a dedicated 30-seat, commercial-scale cinema – one of the city’s largest and finest private residential cinemas.

The Design

This cinema, equipped to the highest standards, accommodates 30 seats and is tailored for all audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, Auro, and DTS-X. Featuring a colossal 6m anamorphic screen and the powerful 13.8.6 M&K 300 system, this cinema promises unparalleled sound quality, surpassing even the standards set by commercial movie theatres.

Technical Specifications

  • Oppo BD105 Blu Ray Player
  • Anthem AVM50 Processor
  • Anthem TMCA50 Amplifier
  • Anthem PVA7 Amplifier
  • M&K Sound® S300 X 3 (Front/Center/Rear)
  • M&K Sound® MP300 X 8 (Surrounds)
  • M&K Sound® X10 x 8 (Subwoofers)
  • M&K Sound® IW150 x 6 (Height channels)
  • Sony VPL1100 4k Projector
  • Screen Research 6m Wide 2:40:1 4K Screen
  • Control 4, HC800 Processor
  • Control 4, 7” In-Wall Touch Screen
  • 28 x Frontrow Cinema Seats

Indulge in the luxury of cinema entertainment with the Aldgate Luxury Cinema Complex, where cutting-edge technology and meticulous design come together to redefine the residential cinema experience.

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