The Dhillon’s Cinema

Project Overview

Our client, inspired by our engaging social media posts and impressed by our website, approached us with a vision of transforming their double garage into a sophisticated home cinema. Following a site visit, showroom exploration, and design meetings, we crafted a clear brief. The objective was to create a classy yet entertaining space for a growing family with a passion for exceptional movies.

The Design

The cinema design revolves around a 7.4.2 Dolby Atmos speaker configuration. Featuring a Dragonfly 133” 16:9 Screen and a Sony VPL-290 4K projector, the setup delivers a stunning image for under 5K. The front three MK 950 Loudspeakers, accompanied by two V10+ MK subwoofers, are strategically placed for optimal audio experience. Additional MK M50 on-wall speakers and IC95 Atmos height speakers, concealed behind acoustic ceiling panels, contribute to an immersive surround sound experience.

The walls are adorned with a blend of blue velvet and acoustic fabric, complemented by walnut diffuser and absorption panels at the front, enhancing both acoustic quality and visual appeal.

Social Space Integration

Understanding the client’s desire for a social element, we incorporated a bespoke bar into the design. This addition transforms the space into more than just a cinema, creating an inviting environment for social gatherings during significant events like big games and fight nights.

Technical Specifications

  • Lyngdorf MP40 Cinema Processor
  • M&K Sound® MP950 X 3 (F/C/R)
  • M&K Sound® M50 X 4 (Surrounds)
  • M&K Sound® V10+ X2 (Subwoofers)
  • M&K Sound® IC95 x 4 (Height channels)
  • Sony VPL290 4k Projector
  • Sony Blu Ray Player
  • Dragonfly 133” Diagonal 16:9 4K Screen
  • Control 4, EA-1 Processor
  • 9 x Frontrow Cinema Seats
  • Bespoke Walnut & Granite Bar and full cinema fit-out
  • Acoustic treatment and Fabric Walling

Explore the technical excellence and thoughtful design that make this home cinema transformation an unparalleled entertainment experience.

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